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About Us

Who We Are
Given our name and subject matter, the tendency is immediately to pigeonhole us as "another publisher of Jewish books." As we are publishing books of a type that, in many cases, have not been published before, it is hard to find a simple category in which to place us.
We recognize that it is also difficult to communicate this difference to a world that is used simply to categorizing things as "Jewish books" or "Judaica." We don't think of ourselves in either of those categories. We describe ourselves as publishing books that reflect the Jewish wisdom tradition for people of all faiths, all backgrounds.
Our books really focus on the issue of the quest for the self, seeking meaning in life. They are books that help you to understand who you are and who you might become as a Jewish person, or as a person who is part of a tradition that has its roots in the Judeo-Christian world. They deal with issues of personal growth. They deal with issues of religious inspiration.

What We Do
People of all faiths and backgrounds yearn for books that attract, engage, educate and spiritually inspire.
Our principal goal is to stimulate thought and help all people learn about who the Jewish People are, where they come from, and what the future can be made to hold. While people of our diverse Jewish heritage are the primary audience, our books speak to people in the Christian world as well and will broaden their understanding of Judaism and the roots of their own faith.
Jewish Lights seeks out materials about the unity and community of the Jewish People and the relevance of Judaism to everyday life. To help us in these efforts, respectful of the rich diversity of the Jewish heritage, we have established an Advisory Board representing a broad range of Jewish perspectives. The Advisory Board helps seek out new material and provides insights into the publishing needs of the Jewish community.
We bring to you authors who are at the forefront of spiritual thought and experience. While each has something different to say, they all say it in a voice that you can hear.
Our books are designed to welcome the reader and then to engage, stimulate and inspire. We judge our success not only by whether or not our books are beautiful and commercially successful, but by whether or not they make a difference in your life.

Stuart M. Matlins, Publisher

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